Group Classes

"We are so enjoying classes. It's a great thing that we can do together - this is hard to find as they become teenagers" AT

Nothing can be so rewarding as teaching your dog something new and sharing the experience amongst other like-minded people. Who isn't proud when the lead unclips, only to look down and find your dog sitting right beside you, waiting for the next joyful activity to begin?

See just how excited your dog gets when class days come around and then bask in the reflected glory of their achievements. Not forgetting the all essential cuppa part way through when you can relax and muse over the latest antics of yours and others precious pet; "mine does that" is a frequent response and "what do you do when that happens?".

If you have never tried a class before, come and give it a try - you really might quite like it and if you don't enjoy yourself then we want to know about it!    

There are currently classes suitable for Puppies, Adolescent and Adult dogs for those either new to training or wishing to return to a group-based approach. Classes incorporate a mixture of actvitivities designed to enhance your partnership with your dog and build the behaviours that you need but with a real emphasis on having some fun. This might include dipping into some Agility, Flyball or the growing sport that is 'Talking Dogs' Rally, please click here to enrol. 

Individual Sessions 

A group setting might not be for you or perhaps your current lifestyle precludes you from taking part in the calendar of classes. Opportunites are available for you to train with your dog on an indiviudal basis to address unwanted or problem behaviours, to learn new handling skills or maybe use some quality time to re-vitalise your relationship with your dog.

Click here for more information and book your session.

Upcoming events

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