Individual Sessions - address Problem Behaviours 

"He hasn't batted an eyelid at kids, prams, dogs, bikes, cars or very pleased" SC 

 What's the problem? Aggression and biting, jumping up, nervousness or fear, pulling on the lead, excessive barking, chewing, chasing, travel sickness or car phobias, anxiety when separated from you or a combination of these issues to name a few?

Help is on hand to guide you through some of the more challenging adolescent or adult dog behaviours. Learn to replace unwanted behaviours with those that you do want.

Take a look at our dog Puffin, she just loves Birthdays and Christmas. You think you have problems!

Individual Sessions - bespoke training for you and your dog

Maybe you are just looking for something different to do with your dog on an individual basis or your dog doesn't cope so well in a group? If so, then look no further. 

Book a one to one consultation to address specific behavioural issues, enhance your handling skills in accordance with the most up-to-date modern methods, enjoy some Fun Agility or learn the sport of Flyball.


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