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If you are looking for a new and fun pastime for you and your dog then you have come to the right place. Paws By The Loch Dog Training is proud to be able to offer and deliver all Talking Dogs Scentwork Workshops leading to Handler accreditation not only on the Isle of Mull but also, across Central & Northern Scotland and the Scottish Isles. 

Having achieved Accredited Trainer status, Moira Owers is licensed by the Talking Dogs Scentwork (TDS) founder herself, Pam Mackinnon. You can therefore be confident of a level of competence, knowledge and training skills required to help all dogs and owners achieve 'Talking Dogs' scentwork success.

What makes Talking Dogs Scentwork® Accredited Trainers different from other scentwork trainers?

Pam believes that attending a single training course to become a 'trainer' is both unethical and impractical. All TDS trainers have gone through the full Talking Dogs Scentwork® system as an indiviudal and will not ask you to do something they cannot do with their own dogs. All have assisted at numerous TDS workshops in order to learn how to deliver a great event whilst giving individually tailored tuition. 

Accredited Trainers do not simply teach the system, they are all experienced trainers beforehand so can quickly assess how to best work with all breeds and behaviours. Recognising the dog’s physical, behavioural and emotional needs in addition to a thorough understanding of both learning theory and the TDS systems is far from easy. There are no short cuts. All TDS Accredited Trainers understand this and have demonstrated their competency in all areas.  

On average TDS Accredited Trainers have worked hard for around 2 years before being offered a license, learning the art of practising and teaching scentwork in addition to their existing general dog training and behaviour skills. All TDS trainers keep their skills up to date by regularly attending seminars, workshops and conferences led by respected industry professionals from all over the world both within and outwith Talking Dogs Scentwork®. For more information and details of TDS workshops and events please click here and why not follow Talking Dogs Scentwork on Facebook

Talking Dogs Scentwork® is a registered trademark

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