Sheep & Livestock

"Definitely starting to generally offer more eye contact & is voluntarily walking to heel, 'recalling' unasked, sitting & making eye contact...." DL

With the support of a very friendly local farmer, opportunities exist on Mull to work with your dog in a safe learning environment. If chasing is a behaviour you would like to address, undertake a tailor-made rehabilitation programme designed to teach you and your dog that there are other options.

Spring can be a particularly challenging time of year with lambs around every corner but these animals are not the only consideration.

The right to roam on this beautiful island and the very open access to wildlife and livestock generally can present any dog owner with problems from time to time. Learn how to look for then read the signs and signals from your dog and the surrounding environment before something happens. Help to keep yourself, other people and animals safe from harm. 



Enquire here to agree a plan of action for you and your dog.

NB No animal was exposed to danger in the generation of these images!


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